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Get started by simply filling out the form and we will get back to you with a quote for your used tank trailer. If you have any queries about selling or trading your tank trailer you can also call us at 855-621-1887. Our team will brief you on the selling process and help you out with the documentation, inspections, and all other requirements for the sale of your tank trailer.

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Trailers We Buy

Trailers of Texas buy various types of used tank trailer models and categories such as fuel, bulk, storage pig, chemical, crude oil and non-coded. We consider buying tank trailers from all manufacturers who produce tank trailers that meet DOT standards, such as Polar Tank, Retesa, Heil, Fruehauf, LBT, and others. We have been buying used tank trailers for over 25 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike others, Trailers of Texas has made a very simple and straightforward process for you to easily sell your trailer. You can fill in the form or call us on 855-621-1887 to get an instant estimate for the trailer you have. Our trailer experts will support you in the documentation, inspections, and all other requirements for the sale of your tank trailer.

We perform various inspections either in person at your site or will ask you to bring it to us for an in person look. We are up front and honest about what we find both good and bad. We always aim to make a deal that is beneficial for both parties at the time of transaction.

If you are unable to bring it to us or we are unable to view it in person we can go off of video, photos, & if need be an inspection at a repair facility.

As when we sell trailers we typically will always sell a trailer with current state or FHWA inspection and updated HM-183 tests if required for that trailer. This keeps it easy for both parties to know what they are buying and selling to each other.

Yes, we will take consignments and set a fixed minimum for both parties to receive X amount for the trailer. We always will strike the best deal for our seller in this scenario as we aim to get you the best amount of money in your deal.

Yes, you can sell your used tank trailer online at Trailers of Texas. We would ask you to send photographs taken from different angles through email along with the required documents. We suggest at a minimum of 5 pictures (one from each corner and photos of the undercarriage/suspension. Any additional photos of the trailer is greatly appreciated and the more you include the higher your trade!

Yes, you can trade your old trailer for a newer upgraded tank trailer at Trailers of Texas.

What we require for any sale are the following:

  • A free and clear title

  • Current or most recent test paperwork for inspections

  • Strapping chart (if you have or we can assist in getting it for you)

  • Certificate of Compliance (if a DOT 406/407/412)