Transporting frac sand is a crucial aspect of the hydraulic fracturing process, as it directly impacts the efficiency and productivity of operations in the oil and gas industry. Our top of the line frac sand trailers are designed to deliver unparalleled performance, safety, and reliability, ensuring that your business remains at the forefront of the industry. We offer a wide range of pneumatic frac sand trailers engineered with large volume and easy loading/unloading capabilities to enable you to move more frac sand per trip, reducing transportation costs and increasing productivity. These pneumatic trailers feature advanced dust control systems, ensuring that the material is contained and preventing any potential health or environmental risks. Additionally, these trailers' robust construction and stringent manufacturing standards guarantee the safe transportation of frac sand even in challenging road conditions.

For ready supply of frac sand on-site, we offer a wide range of storage pig trailers designed and used for on-site frac sand storage, ensuring smooth operations and reduced downtime. With their spacious and optimized designs, these trailers minimize space wastage and ensure that you can store ample amounts of frac sand to meet the demands of your drilling operations. These trailers also feature easy-to-use discharge systems, allowing for quick and hassle-free unloading of the product.

For over 25 years, Trailers of Texas has been offering the highest standard of customer service and expert advice to businesses and individuals in the market for tank trailers. With our extensive industry experience and network, we bring a large inventory of frac sand tank trailers from top manufacturers at the most competitive prices.

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Frac Sand Trailer Inventory

Pneumatic Frac Sand Trailer

Model: 2024 Polar
Capacity: 940 Cu ft
Hopper: 2 hoppers
Location: El Paso, Texas, US

Pneumatic Frac Sand Trailer

Model: 2023 Tremcar
Capacity: 1625 Cu ft
Hopper: 4 hoppers
Location: Cleveland, Texas, US

Frac Sand Storage Trailer

Model: 2024 Retesa
Capacity: 4100 Cu ft
Hopper: 6 hoppers
Location: Laredo, Texas, US

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At Trailers of Texas, we offer top of the line frac sand trailers and superior customer service from an experienced team of trailer specialists that understands your needs!

Frac sand plays an important role in the process of fracturing the shale to release natural gas, oil, and natural gas liquids from pores in the rock. For these types of operations all these oil and gas industries require frac sand trailers for transportation and storage of frac sand for their projects. Transporting frac sand using these tank trailers is safe and cost-effective for hydraulic fracturing operations, as they provide a reliable, secure, and safe way to transport frac sand from one location to another.

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Frac Sand Transportation Trailers

Pneumatic Trailers

Trailers used to transport frac sand are equipped with pneumatic systems to allow easy loading and unloading of the products, making it efficient for high volume projects. These trailers can be used to transport dry bulk frac sand while offering vacuum-sealed storage and protection to the products from moisture and contaminants present in the outside air. These trailers are generally composed of aluminum and are available in various capacities ranging from 560-1050 cubic feet. See Pneumatic Trailers

Frac Sand Storage Trailers

Storage Pig Trailers

Storage pig trailers are mostly used in the petroleum and gas industry for the bulk storage of frac sand as these trailers keep them protected from outside elements such as rain and wind while making them available on site, reducing project downtime. These trailers are equipped with extra features like diesel or electric motor with a blower for easy loading and unloading of the product and are composed of carbon steel with capacities ranging from 4000 cubic feet to 4100 cubic feet. See Storage Pig Trailers

Top Frac Sand Trailer Manufacturers

Polar Tank Trailers for Sale

Polar Tank

Polar Tank is a reliable and trusted manufacturer of tank trailers. It has a proven two-piece barrel design available in various sizes, capacities and bulkhead configurations. Some of the polar tankers are built with a frameless design to help reduce the weight of the trailer and increase the payload. The Polar Tank factory is now located in Athens, TN and shares a factory with Heil Trailer. It offers a 2-year warranty on everything built by Polar Tank.

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Tremcar Tank Trailers for Sale


A family business started in 1962, Tremcar is one of the 4 largest tank trailer manufacturers in North America. It produces over 1000 tank trailers every year in its 6 factories in the USA and Canada. Tremcar's aluminum products are built in Strasburg, OH. Tremcar offers a 3-year warranty on everything built by Tremcar.

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LBT Tank Trailers for Sale


Since 1994, LBT has been producing high-quality trailers for the North American trailer market out of their Omaha, NE factory. Before then they were known as Fruehauf which was the largest tank manufacturer in the world. As part of the Remcor Group, LBT, Inc. proudly supplies the North American petroleum industry with proven trailers built to the utmost quality standards. LBT offers 3 years of warranty on its products.

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Retesa Tank Trailers for Sale


Founded in 1988, Retesa is a well-known name in the international market for manufacturing tank trailers transporting bulk products. With its manufacturing plant located in Queretaro and Guanajuato, Mexico, Retesa builds its high-quality tank trailers in it's 555,000 sq. ft. factories. Trailers of Texas is an authorized dealer for Retesa tank trailers and has been for many years. Trailers of Texas is Retesa's largest volume dealer in the United States.

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Trailers of Texas is an authorized Polar Tank Trailers, Tremcar, LBT, & Retesa dealership serving the Houston area. We are proud to carry a large selection of new and pre-owned inventory. When you are ready to invest in a new or used trailer, our friendly and knowledgeable sales team is prepared to make sure your experience is outstanding. At Trailers of Texas, we value the opportunity to create a long-term relationship with our customers, and we do that by giving you the best customer service available.