Trailers of Texas has been a leading provider of new and used tank trailers in Houston and other areas throughout Texas for over 25 years. Our extensive range includes top-notch tank trailers from trusted manufacturers like Polar Tank, Heil, Retesa Tremcar and LBT - perfect for transportation and storage of petroleum, chemical, and other liquid and dry bulk products. With our vast network, expertise, and an authorized dealership we offer you access to unbeatable prices on high-end products all under one roof!

At Trailers of Texas, we strive to provide you with the full package when it comes to tank trailer purchasing for your business. From start to finish, our knowledgeable and experienced team will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that arise regarding buying and selling tank trailers in Houston,TX. Plus, we offer various financing options so you can choose a plan tailored specifically towards meeting your needs. Should there ever be an occasion where it's necessary, our team can also provide temporary use of trailers to bridge any gap in your tank trailer delivery.

Available Trailers

Fuel Trailers

Fuel tanker trailers are the safest and most efficient trailers to transport flammable liquid fuels. Equipped with safety features such as an overfill system, vapor recovery system, and more, these trailers ensure safe loading, unloading and transportation of bulk flammable liquids.

Capacity Range: 9000 - 9500 Gallons
Design Configurations: Straight Bottom / Elliptical, Double Taper, Trough Bottom
Compartments: 1, 4, 5
Suitable for: Refined fuels such as multiple grades of gasoline, ethanol, and diesel.

Storage Pig Trailers

Storage pig trailers are best for storing dry bulk products safely and efficiently at project sites. With their large storage capacity, these trailers are majorly used at construction sites to store dry bulk products such as dry cement, frac sand, and more.

Capacity Range: 4000 - 4100 Cu ft | 350,000 lbs to 450,000 lbs of product
Additional Features: Fitted with diesel or electric motor with blower for quick loading and unloading.
Suitable for: Dry bulk products such as dry cement, fly ash, frac sand, and others.

Chemical Trailers

Transport your most hazardous materials safely and securely with chemical tank trailers! These specialized vessels are available in DOT 407 stainless steel or DOT 412 (FRP or SS) compliant models to provide maximum reliability when transporting dangerous chemicals/acids.

Capacity Range: 5000 - 7500 Gallons
Design Configurations: Straight Round, Double Conical, Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)
Suitable for: Corrosive acids like sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid (if rubber lined), and other hazardous products.

Houston's Leading Tank Trailer Dealership

As the southeast anchor of the Texas Triangle, Houston is the largest city in the region housing a variety of industries including petroleum, aerospace, aviation, transportation & logistics. For over 25 years, Trailers of Texas has been a leading tank trailer dealership in Houston, offering a wide selection of products ranging from standard models all the way up to specialized tank trailers made specifically for transporting hazardous materials or other unique applications by a wide range of industries including oil and gas production, agriculture and petrochemicals. Backed by a reliable network of manufacturers like Polar Tank, Heil, Retesa and Tremcar - we offer industry grade solutions upheld to strict standards at unbeatable prices.




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Top Quality Trailers from Leading Manufacturers

Trailers of Texas offers top quality trailers from prominent manufacturers in North America, including Polar Tank, Retesa, LBT, Heil, Tremcar. These manufacturers offer a wide range of trailers in various specifications like lightweight design, advanced safety features, loading systems, and more to ensure efficient and safe transportation of the products.

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