These used chemical tank trailers are built to safely and efficiently transport a variety of acidic, toxic, corrosive, and flammable liquid products in bulk. This includes industrial chemicals and clean petroleum products such as fuels, Sulphuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, and other hazardous products. These chemical tankers are built to be compliant with DOT-407 or DOT-412 regulations to be used for carrying various types of chemical products. Trailers composed of stainless steel are built DOT-407 compliant and can be used to carry a variety of non-corrosive chemicals, while fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) lined or rubber lined tankers compliant with DOT-412 specifications, can be used to ship highly corrosive products.

A typical chemical tanker trailer is distinguished by its cylindrical shaped tank lying horizontally upon the vehicle. The typical length of a chemical trailer is between 42 feet and 45 feet with its capacity ranging between 5,500 to 7,500 US gallons by volume. These trailers are often loaded with helpful features to increase safety, make transportation smoother and easier for the operator.

For over 25 years, Trailers of Texas has been offering the highest standard of customer service and expert advice to businesses and individuals in the market for pre-owned tank trailers. With our extensive industry experience and network, we bring a large inventory of used chemical tank trailers from top manufacturers at the most competitive prices.

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Straight Round
Straight Round chemical tank trailers are DOT 407 compliant and as the name suggests, are cylindrical in shape. These tank trailers are available in two variants- insulated and non-insulated. These are the industry standard when it comes to chemical trailers. 7000 gallon capacity, Rear discharge, no baffles, In transit heat, vapor recovery can be added. Browse Inventory for Straight Round Tank Trailers

Double Conical
Double conical tank trailers are central discharge trailers with the base of the trailer creating a slight ā€œVā€ from the front and back to the center. This allows better drainage for the product on level ground. These are DOT 407 compliant tank trailers available in two variants- insulated and non-insulated. Browse Inventory for Double conical Tank Trailers

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)
FRP tank trailers are ideal for safely transporting products having high concentration of acid, like Sulphuric acid without damaging the vessel itself. FRP trailers are DOT 412 compliant and are available in a variety of size configurations. Call for FRP Trailers

Rubber lined
Rubber lined stainless steel or carbon steel tank trailers are common when transporting Hydrochloric Acid or Bleach. Trailers are usually built to DOT 407 compliance and are typically around 3500-5500 gallon in capacity. Call for Rubber Lined Trailers

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Top Chemical Trailer Manufacturers

Polar Tank Trailers for Sale


Polar is a reliable and trusted manufacturer of Chemical tank trailers. It has a proven two-piece barrel design available in various size, capacity, piping, plumbing and other configurations. Polar offers its stainless steel trailers made from wide sheet material to reduce barrel seams for better reliability. The Polar Tank stainless factories are now located in Opole, MN and Juarez, Mexico. Polar offers 2 year warranty on everything built by Polar.

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Tremcar Tank Trailers for Sale


A family business started in 1962, Tremcar is one of the 4 largest tank trailer manufacturers in North America. It produces over 1000 tank trailers every year in its 6 factories between the USA and Canada. Tremcar's stainless products we provide are built in Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec) and aluminum products are built in Strasburg, OH. Tremcar offers a 3 year warranty on everything built by Tremcar.

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