Bulk Cement Tanker-Pneumatic Trailers in Texas

A Bulk cement tanker trailer is used to transport cement and other cement products in bulk. Specialized dry bulk trailers come with a pneumatic system which allows easy unloading and loading of dry bulk cement. Pneumatic dry bulk trailers offer vacuum-sealed storage and protection to the transported cement from moisture and contaminants present in the outside air. These tankers are capable of loading and unloading the cement via pneumatic air, saving cost, and delay to the business. Pneumatic bulk trailers are usually composed of aluminum or steel and are available in various capacities ranging from 560-3120 cubic feet.

Pneumatic Cement Tanker Trailer Specifications:

  • Capacity varies between 560 cubic feet to 3120 cubic feet in different compartment configuration
  • Available in Tandem axle configurations
  • Various designs offering different discharge options
  • Suspension: Air Ride suspension, mechanical leaf spring suspension or bogie type suspension

Pneumatic Cement Tanker Trailers Available in Houston, Texas

2021 Retesa Pneumatic- Dry Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer- 575  Cu Ft
2021 Retesa Pneumatic Dry Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer is perfect for the transportation of Bulk products, powder or grain, such as sugar, flour, Salt, Plastic Pellets, Cement, etc.
2019 Polar Pneumatic Hopper Sander Dry Bulk Trailer- 1040 Cu Ft
2019 Polar Pneumatic Hopper Sander Dry Bulk Trailer is an amazing Polar tanker for dry bulk products like cement. With its round sloping interior surfaces and steep, smooth hoppers, it unloads quickly and completely.

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