These crude oil tank trailer are built to be in compliance with the DOT-407 or the DOT-406 regulations for hauling crude oil. These tank trailers are composed of aluminium and/or stainless steel with a capacity ranging between 8,400 to 13,000 US gallons. These tank trailers are available in two designs: straight round and double conical. They generally have one compartment, although those with capacities greater than 10,000 gallons may have two compartments. Because crude oil corrodes aluminium, each tank trailer must have a liner to prevent corrosion. A centrifuge, pump, and skully system are also included in the trailers. The centrifuge tests the grade of the oil being transported, the pump discharges the crude, and the skully system keeps the tank from overloading. Crude oil trailers commonly transport diesel, petroleum (gasoline), ethanol, and kerosene.

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Straight Round – Straight round crude oil trailers are DOT 407 compliant and as the name indicates, they are cylindrical in shape. These tank trailers are available in both insulated and non-insulated variants with liner protection and have a maximum capacity of 13000 gallons, with the system of rear discharge & no baffles. Smooth and easier transportation for operators. See Products

Double Conical – Double conical crude oil tank trailers have a central discharge and have a slight V-shaped base. This allows for better oil unloading on level ground. These tank trailers are available in an insulated and non-insulated variant with a maximum capacity of 13000 gallons, liner for corrosion protection and easy transportation for operators. See double conical crude oil trailers inventory:

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Polar is a reliable and trusted manufacturer of fuel tank trailers. It has a proven two-piece barrel design available in various sizes, capacities and bulkhead configurations. Some of the polar petroleum tankers are built with a frameless design to help reduce the weight of the trailer and increase the payload. The Polar Tank factory is now located in Athens, TN and shares a factory with Heil Trailer. Polar offers 2 year warranty on everything built by Polar.

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A family business started in 1962, Tremcar is one of the 4 largest tank trailer manufacturers in North America. It produces over 1000 tank trailers every year in its 6 factories in the USA and Canada. Tremcar's aluminum products are built in Strasburg, OH. Tremcar offers a 3 year warranty on everything built by Tremcar.

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