Semi Trailers in Houston

A semi-trailer is a trailer without a front axle. While transportation, a larger portion of the front part of a semi-trailer is supported by the tractor unit and the rear end is supported by its own wheels. Throughout the United States, semi-trailers are used in various industries like petroleum, construction, auto, farming, food, and more for long-distance transports. The shape, size, and composition of a semi-trailer depend on the type of loads that they carry and they can be combined with more trailer units to form a "B-Train" to transport materials in large quantities.

Semi-Trailer vs Full Trailer

In comparison to full trailers, semi-trailers are more commonly used for transporting materials. These materials include petroleum products, chemical fluids, construction materials, and more.

Semi Trailer

A larger portion of the cargo's weight in a semi-trailer is supported by the tractor unit in the front and the rest is by its own wheels in the rear.

The axles of the semi-trailer are all on the rear part of the trailer.

A semi-trailer has to be supported by landing gear in the front when detached from the truck unit as it could not stand only by the wheels in the rear.

It combines with the truck unit in the front and is also referred to as a semi-trailer truck or just "semi" in North America.

There are many types of semi-trailers with different functions, like fuel trailers, flatbed trailers, chemical trailers, storage pig trailers, etc.

The semi-trailers are commonly used in logistics for long-distance transport.

Full Trailer

The complete weight of the trailer and the loaded cargo is supported by the full trailer itself.

Both the front and the rear part of the trailer has an axle.

The full trailer could stand and bear the weight by itself without requiring a landing gear/leg.

The truck or the tractor unit only hauls the trailer and provides traction steering.

The full trailers are normally used in factories, ports, terminals, warehouses, etc.

The full trailers are commonly used for short-distance transport.


Types of Semi-Trailers:

Semi Trailers for transporting Fuels.

In the Petroleum industry, semi-trailers are used to carry various types of fuels like gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. These trailers usually have an elliptical design and are available in various configurations and specifications to meet your needs. You can find petroleum trailers in single or multiple compartments.

9300 Gallons Fuel Semi-Trailer from Polar at Trailers of Texas Dealership in Houston, TX9300 Gallons Fuel Semi-Trailer from Polar at Trailers of Texas Dealership in Houston, TX
Semi Trailers for Chemicals

Chemical trailers are used for hauling chemicals, corrosive materials and flammable products. These trailers, sometimes known as DOT 407, are usually made up of stainless steel. However, some trailer's composition includes fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) to ship corrosive products.
A chemical trailer is distinguished by its shape, which is usually a cylindrical tank lying horizontally upon the vehicle. A typical chemical trailer has a length of 42 feet. However, the length of these semi-trailers may range between 43 and 45 feet. Chemical trailers are measured by their volume. The capacity of a large trailer ranges from 5,500 to 11,600 US gallons or 4,580 to 9,659 imp gallons.

7000 Gallons Chemical Semi-Trailer from Polar at Trailers of Texas Dealership in Houston, TX
Storage Pig Trailers

Storage pig trailers are used for bulk storage of cement and can increase efficiency and convenience on a construction site. These trailers are usually made up of steel and come in various capacities. These trailers are used to store cement on-site and are ideal for large-scale, high-volume jobs that require a large supply of cement.
A storage pig trailer has a distinguishable cylindrical shape. The tank is laid horizontally upon the vehicle and is typically over 50 feet in length. The capacity of a large storage pig trailer ranges around 4100 cubic feet.

4100 Cubic Feet Storage Pig Semi-Trailer from Gallegos at Trailers of Texas Dealership in Houston, TX

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