Pneumatic Trailers in Houston, Texas

Pneumatic trailers are used for bulk storage and transportation of building materials, food, and chemical products. A pneumatic trailer offers vacuum-sealed storage, preventing outside air from entering the trailer and protecting all transported goods from moisture and contaminants. These trailers usually have aluminum composition and come in various capacities. These trailers are used to store cement on-site and are ideal for large-scale, high-volume jobs that require a large supply of cement.

1040 Cu Ft Dry Bulk Pneumatic Trailer
1040 Cu Ft Dry Bulk Pneumatic Trailer

Trailers of Texas has provided sales and services for pneumatic trailers in Houston and surrounding areas for over 25 years. We are proud to carry a large selection of new and pre-owned pneumatic trailers for sale in Houston, Texas. We have delivered solutions for the construction industry serving Southwestern US with our hub in Houston, Texas.

Trailers of Texas deals with all major storage pneumatic trailer manufacturers and can provide a competitive price for purchase to meet your needs. We are an authorized dealer for Polar Tank Trailers, Retesa, Brenner, LBT, Blackstone, Wabash, and Wade.

  • Models ranging from the capacity of 575 cubic feet to 1040 cubic feet in different compartment configuration.
  • Tandem axle configurations
  • Designs offering various discharge options.

Pneumatic trailers for sale in Houston, Texas:

Polar 1040 Cu Ft Dry Bulk Pneumatic Trailer (2020)

Polar 1040 Cu Ft Dry Bulk Pneumatic Trailer (2020) Polar 1040 Cu Ft Dry Bulk Pneumatic Trailer (2020)

Volume: 1040 Cubic Feet
Condition: New
Price: Call for Price
Description: APX9-1040 cu ft, interior ring-smooth exterior, 3 - Hopper, mill finish shell, aluminum subframe, (3) - manways, (1) hose tubes, LED lights, 2-speed landing gear legs, Hendrickson AAT23K air ride - inverted axle, Hump-UP, 71.5" track, ABS system, Polar load scale system, tow hook , Cooper RM120 11R-22.5, (8) Alcoa Ultra one aluminum wheels, front & rear aluminum fenders, 5" valves, 5" x 4" BTI Siphon Flow aluminum Tee, 4" aluminum straight pipe to rear of trailer, (3) aerators in each hopper, 3" blowdown, (2) liquid filled gauges, ladder at rear, 25 PSI Operating Pressure, 185*F design temp, estimated weight 9,200# (+/-3%)

Retesa 575 Cu Ft Pneumatic Trailer(2021)

Retesa 575 Cu Ft Pneumatic Trailer(2021) Retesa 575 Cu Ft Pneumatic Trailer(2021)

Volume: 575 Cubic Feet
Condition: New
Price: Call for Price
Description: 575 cubic foot, steel shell and frames, 40' OAL, single hopper, (1) 20" manhole, 3" hot air line at front and rear, Solimar aerators with hopper savers, 3" top air and blow down, (2) 4" lines rear head to ground level, (2) gauges - tank and line pressure, 15 PSIG relief valves, (1) 8" x 21' hose tube, 2-speed support legs with sand shoes, front and rear fenders, LED lights, ladder at roadside rear, air ride tandem suspension, 11R 22.5 tires on steel disc wheels, painted gray, factory estimated weight 14,484#

We use our expertise, extensive network, and our buying power to facilitate the acquisition and financing of your new or used pneumatic trailers.

We can also assist in the sale and trade of your existing equipment and provide interim trailers to bridge any gap in your delivery schedule.

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Polar Service Center
7600 East Sam Houston Parkway N
Houston, TX 77049

AJA Tanks, LLC
12446 Cutten Rd
Houston, Texas 77066

Brenner Tank Services
2840 Appelt Dr
Houston, TX 77015