Deep Drop Fertilizer Tanker

A deep drop fertilizer tanker is a tank trailer made typically from a stainless steel composition (304 SS / 316L SS). These tankers are typically non-code tank trailers that are not rated for pressure and designed to haul heavier fertilizers such as liquid feed, molasses, Urea, and other non-code products used in the agricultural field. 

Most commonly in the United States, deep drop fertilizer tankers range from 5000 to 6000 gallons in capacity. They typically offer a center discharge, but sometimes you can find one which is using a belly line in the rear. These trailers require a pump to push the product out which is either mounted to the trailer or on the tractor.

Polar Deep Drop Fertilizer Tanker for Sale in Texas

Polar Deep Drop Fertilizer Tanker with capacity 5600 gallons
Polar Deep Drop Fertilizer Tanker with capacity 5600 gallons


Manufacturer: Polar

Model 30" deep drop fertilizer tanker

Capacity 5600 gallons

Length 42 feet

Suspension Air Ride

Composition Stainless steel

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Things to consider when buying a stainless steel non-code deep drop fertilizer tanker:

1. Compatibility

Compatibility is one of the most important thing to consider when shopping for a deep drop trailer. Do consider if the tanker you are considering will work with the product you want to haul.

2. Discharge Location

Typically deep drop tankers offer Center discharge, but sometimes, you can find one which is using a belly line in the rear, if it was a double conical design.

3. Capacity

In the USA, deep drop tankers range from 5000 to 6000 US gallons in capacity. The most common size is a one compartment 5600 US gallons.

4. Reliability

Do consider if the manufacturer is familiar with designs, strength, and product capability? Do they have a proven track record? Will they stand behind their product with a warranty?

5. Types of Deep Drop Fertilizer Tanker

There are two major types/shapes of deep drop tanker trailers used in the agriculture industry. A typical deep drop non-code tank trailer and a double conical deep drop tanker trailer. The first one has a typical "deep drop" or sharp V shape ranging between 24"-30". The latter one offers a lesser "V shape" of around 8"-12".

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