Chemical Tanker Trailer

Trailers of Texas has provided sales and services for chemical tanker trailers in the Houston and surrounding areas for over 25 years. We are proud to carry a large selection of new and pre-owned chemical trailers for sale or long term rentals in the Houston, Texas area. We have delivered solutions for the Chemical industry serving Southwestern US with our hub in Houston, Texas.

Trailers of Texas deals with all major chemical tank trailer manufacturers and can provide the competitive purchase to meet your needs. We are an authorized dealer for Polar Tank Trailers, Retesa, Brenner, LBT, Blackstone, Wabash, and Wade.

We use our expertise, extensive network, and our buying power to facilitate the acquisition and financing of your new or used chemical trailers.

Types of Chemical tanker trailers

Chemical trailers are used for hauling chemicals, corrosive materials and flammable products. These trucks, sometimes known as DOT 407, are usually made up of stainless steel. However, some trailer's composition includes fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) to ship corrosive products.

Chemical tanker trailer dimensions:

  • Shape: A chemical tanker trailer is distinguished by its shape, which is usually a cylindrical tank lying horizontally upon the vehicle.
  • Size: A typical chemical trailer has a length of 42 feet. However, the length of a chemical trailer may range between 43 and 45 feet.
  • Volume: Chemical trailers are measured by their volume. The capacity of a large chemical trailer ranges from 5,500 to 11,600 US gallons or 4,580 to 9,659 imp gallons.


Chemical trailers available for sale in Houston, Texas:

Polar DOT 407 Stainless Steel Chemical Trailer (1996)

Used Chemical Tanker Trailer-1996- Polar 8500 Gallons-Stainless Steel Used Chemical Tanker Trailer-1996- Polar 8500 Gallons-Stainless Steel

Volume: 8500 Gallons
Condition: Used

Non Insualted - DOT 407 - 8500 Gallons - No baffles - Spring Ride - (8) Tires 285/75R 24.5, Vapor Recovery - Top Air and air line from top to ground level rear.

Bulk DOT 407 Stainless Steel Chemical Trailer (2021)

New Chemical Tanker Trailer(2021)- Bulk 7000 Gallons-Stainless Steel New Chemical Tanker Trailer(2021)- Bulk 7000 Gallons-Stainless Steel

Volume: 7000 Gallons
Condition: New
7000 Gallons - One Compartment - Straight Round - 316SS - Design Temp: 300*F - 16lb Max - In-transit Heat - Insulated - (2) 8" diameter x 21' long Hosetubes (1 C/S rear & 1 R/S rear) - Hendrickson Intraax AANT23K Air Ride suspension - Automatic dump valve - (8) Aluminum wheels - (8) 11 R 22.5 tires 14ply - LED Lights - Vapor Recovery - 3" QRB Rear - Estimated weight 12,600

We can also assist in the sale and trade of your existing equipment and provide interim trailers to bridge any gap in your delivery schedule.

Trailers of Texas offers Tank Trailers trailers in Houston, and throughout the US.

Our local repair and testing facilities we use and recommend:

United States

Polar Service Center
7600 East Sam Houston Parkway N
Houston, TX 77049

AJA Tanks, LLC
12446 Cutten Rd
Houston, Texas 77066

Brenner Tank Services
2840 Appelt Dr
Houston, TX 77015