Storage Pigs Trailers or Storage pigs in short are the nickname for large horizontal silos tank trailers. These types of trailers have a few different names that people will refer to them as a few of this include the previous mentioned storage pig, guppy or guppies, or horizontal silos.

What do I store in a storage pig?

To answer simply, dry bulk products such as cement, lime, and fly ash. These are typically used in the construction industry at a bulk plant or on site for storage of product that is needed to pave roads.

Why choose a storage pig over having someone bring me product?

Storage pigs offer you the flexibility of storing the product preventing downtime and ultimately completing your project faster and saving you money. Most of these trailers are 4000-4100 cu ft capacity. That is roughly enough to store five to six 1000 cu ft 3 hopper pneumatic loads ready to go to prevent waiting on someone to bring you product.

Where can I find used storage pigs?

Typically finding used storage pigs is a "needle in a haystack". Many of the companies that use storage pigs will keep them for 30+ years and then retire them. They are hauled from job site to job site all over the country. They are not "used over the road" since they are a storage trailer and typically will have less miles on the trailer. That doesn't mean there isn't wear and tear on the trailers, like with any trailer maintenance and preventative maintenance is key to making your trailer have a long life, no matter what you are hauling or storing.

Why choose Trailers of Texas for your storage pig needs?

Simply put we were one of the first to offer these types of trailers so choosing to do business with us we have more experience and a long-proven track record of delivering solutions on time. We have been selling storage pigs for well over 15 years. We know what the industry is "standard" so we stock these trailers and then can offer solutions to fit your job requirements. We can offer both electric and diesel blowers for off loading the product once it is stored as well as providing you options for filtration for containing the dust that comes along with offloading.

Call us today at 281-459-9534 and we will be happy to help you with your dry bulk storage needs!