Preventative maintenance is important for all equipment and vehicles but when it comes to fuel tank trailers, you need to be more vigilant in upkeep. This is because you haul precious cargo that is also highly volatile. These vehicles are also steep investments so you want to do your part to increase their lifespan by taking proper care of them. Your best source of information is often the owner's manual, which lists all maintenance requirements and even recommendations.

Trailers of Texas wants to help you take good care of your vehicles, which is why we’ve put together some maintenance tips for you to keep handy. If you’d like professional maintenance or are looking for fuel tank trailers for sale in Houston, TX, contact us for further assistance. We’re also the leading fuel tank trailer dealer for our friends from Katy and The Woodlands!

Clean the Interior

You’ll be amazed at how much just keeping your tank trailer clean can help. Hauling fuel from one region to another and facing different climates can take a toll on your vehicle. If you use de-icing chemicals, they can damage the metal parts and electrical connections. Have a steady washing and cleaning schedule because some of the fluids you’ll transport can corrode the body. For example, crude oil has hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which can damage aluminum.

Clean the Gaskets

Manhole gaskets are where the gunk and grime can really build up on fuel tank trailers. If you don’t clean away the residue, you’re bound to face problems sooner or later. For example, you could end up cross-contaminating the fluids or developing leaks. Pull out both external and internal valve gaskets and clean them thoroughly. If you haul just one type of fluid, you should do this every six months. If you switch up what you’re hauling, clean these before every switch in product.

Inspect the Tires

Tank trailers are required to have low rolling resistance tires and a tire pressure system. All tires should have either a tire pressure monitoring system or an automatic tire inflation system to ensure they’re ready to take on all the weight of the cargo and all the challenges of the road. You also have to maintain your tires to avoid any rollovers. If your tires don’t have adequate tread, they won’t be able to maintain proper traction on the road so keep an eye on the tread as well.

Tighten the Bolts

There will probably be a number of bolts on your tank trailer. These have to be maintained properly because they do an important job of holding things together. You don’t want to end up in a situation where things start falling apart on the road! Inspect the shock absorber bolts, spring u-bolts and slewing ring bolts. All of them should be tightly fixed in place to maintain vehicle integrity. Fix any loose ones and check to see if any need to be replaced with new bolts.

Inspect the Valves

There are hydraulic, safety, vacuum and pressure valves in your tank trailer which have to fulfil their functions to ensure you have a safe and smooth trip each time. Sometimes when you’re in really cold temperatures, these valves tend to freeze and then malfunction. To ensure that doesn’t happen, each valve should be properly lubricated. Inspect them to ensure there’s no residue or corrosion on them. While you’re at it, check the pressure gauge too.

Fix the Tank

You want your tank trailer to look as good as possible to boost faith in your business, as well as to ensure everyone’s safety and profit. You should make sure there are no leaks and if you spot any holes that will let the fuel slip through, fix them before you fill the trailer. Inspect the body to spot any bends or deformities as these can lead to cracks in the future. You want to straighten these out and keep your trailer body buffed and polished to prevent rust.

We hope you’ll find this information helpful when it comes to the upkeep of your vehicle! For more information or to check out fuel tank trailers for sale in Houston, TX, get in touch with Trailers of Texas to see what we have in stock!